1. Personal Strategy Planning Day

During this day we will cover all aspects of your business and personal life. We will cover everything from your business and personal goals to the preparation of your wills.

This is our most popular package and reveals a lot about your business and your goals and what needs to be done to create an ideal business. It is usually the first step to creating an lifestyle you desire.

2. Team Strategy Day

This very similar to our Strategic Planning Day but we do not cover personal matters.

We find these days are extremely useful from a management point of view. It allows your team to express their views and ideas about your business and can energise them to achieving you business growth

3. Full Business Financial Review

This is an exercise all established businesses should undertake. Over the years we have saved businesses thousands of dollars doing a full review and analysis of their financial information

4. 3 Way SWOT Analysis

Most business will undertake a management SWOT. But most businesses forget that there are other people how have a view about your business. The first group is your team and the second group are your customers. Our 3 way analysis cover all groups and the results are often very unexpected.

5. Immersion Sessions

These sessions related to specific issues you wish to address n your business – eg Team Matters or marketing

6. Discovery Sessions

These sessions are short with the objective of identifying potential issues in your business

7. Monthly Business Advisory Sessions

After a planning strategy day we will provide a report detailing what we believe your business and yourself need to cover. Our monthly business advisory sessions ensures all matters are covered using a set timeline

8. One on One Business Coaching

9. Small Mastermind Groups