List of Topics

How To Avoid An ATO Audit And What To Do If You Get One

In the last 12 months, the number of ATO Audits for small business has increased significantly because the Australian Federal Government needs to balance its books. With additional funding from the Federal Government to undertake tax audits ATO Activity will increase over the next few years. The sad thing is that most business owners are not as savvy as they should be when it comes to ATO Auditing. This powerful seminar is A MUST for ALL small businesses and SME’s. Hitesh Mohanlal, Australia’s #1 Business Growth Strategist, CPA and expert in tax minimisation will take you through the CRUCIAL information that most accountants and bookkeepers do not even know, let alone be able to inform you about.

You will learn:

  • The ATO industry benchmarks which are critical to avoiding an ATO audit.
  • What tax agents targets and why so many people get trapped by these.
  • Why your bookkeeping is a quintessential part of your tax strategy and how to check that your bookkeeper is doing the right thing by you, and not COSTING you money.
  • The ONE ATO request that you must NEVER say yes to under any circumstances, yet most people don’t know they have full rights to say no.
  • How the digital age is exposing us to more scrutiny than ever and how to be mindful of this.
  • Case study: How a client was saved from paying $150,000 in GST that was owed due to the poor accounting of a provider.

How To Prepare Your Business For Up To 2000% Growth

Hitesh Mohanlal is a Chartered Account and is also known as Australia’s #1 Business Growth Strategist. Hitesh has worked over the last 15 years with over 3,500 businesses to help them increase their PROFIT by up to 2000%.

During his information packed presentation, you will learn:

  • The 4 ways of making money in your business that will increase your profits by up to 2000%
  • The 3 main success drivers of business owners and how to focus on them for explosive growth
  • The 3 things all successful business people MUST have
  • The ONE resource you must use effectively
  • The deadly sins that will stop you from achieving your growth potential.
  • The solid financial management essentials to prepare your business for up to 2000% growth.