What is Your WHY?

Last week I put up an article on the traits of successful business people. One of the things that I have found is that successful business people also have a big WHY?

What does that mean?

It basically means they have a big WHY they do what they do so passionately. I have found that Passion is one of the major ingredients of success.

I usually concentrate on this early when I talk to clients about business growth. When I ask what they WHY? is I usually get an answer like ‘Money’ or ‘So I can be Rich’. That is usually not good enough.

Generally, you don’t want money. You want what money can give you. Money gives you units of choices. It allows you to have what you want. And that want is usually an emotion.

For example a sports car – if you have one you might feel happy. A new home might make you feel proud of your achievements. Successful Business People do not concentrate on the money, they concentrate on what the money can do – that is their WHY? The more WHY’s? you have the more you are likely to be passionate.

I have a couple of WHYs?

  • I come from a poor background where money was very tight. When I set up my business over ten years ago the first thing I said to myself was that I would never allow my family to experience a feeling that they cannot do what they would like due to a lack of money.
  • Approximately 10 years ago my cousin died suddenly. I realised then our time on this world is limited and can be cut even shorter. I decided at that time to set up my business so that it could operate without me so that I did not become a slave to my business. I have been advising other businesses to do the same ever since

These are big WHYs? for me and I am really passionate about them.

So the question is what is your WHY?

If you are in business just for the sake of it, you will find it difficult to become passionate. When times get tough you will not be passionate about breaking down all barriers to keep going.

So I ask again – What is your WHY?

Once you know what it is you need to write it down and revisit it often to the point that you think about it subconsciously all the time.

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